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Asthma Reviews

These reviews are carried out by the Practice Nurse.

You will be  sent a letter of invitation annually to attend for review.

If you want a review before notification please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Blood Tests

We have a phlebotomist in Surgery on Friday mornings 8.30-10.45am


If there is anything wrong with any test results we will contact patients direct. Should patients wish to enquire regarding their test they can ring Surgery after 2pm.

Carers Information

A carer is an unpaid person who looks after a family member, relative, partner, neighbour or friend who needs help due to ill health, old age, disability, drug or alcohol misuse or who has mental health problems. You do not need to live with the person, nor do you have to be the only one who does the caring.

Sometimes, people don't realise they are carers, and think that they 'just look after, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, friends, etc'.  These 'hidden' carers deserve recognition and support, and may be eligible to receive a number of services to help them with their caring role. The Carers Support Team recognises that carers play a vital role in looking after vulnerable people and aims to help them continue caring for as long as they feel able to do so. Support for carers is provided in a number of ways from information and advice on carer related issues to the provision of grants and special break schemes.

For further information or assistance, please contact the Carers Support Team on 01942 705983 or visit the website - www.wigan.gov.uk/carers

Carer registration leaflets are available from the surgery, from the Carers Support Team or can be downloaded at www.wigan.gov.uk/carers

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Cervical Smears

All women between the ages of 25 and 65 are regularly invited for a smear test.

The system is automated, so as long as you are registered with a GP, you should receive a letter asking you to make an appointment. As a result of research that evaluated the optimal frequency for cervical screening, women are now invited for their first test at 25. They are then invited every three years until the age of 49 and every five years from 50-64. From 65, only those who have had abnormal tests are offered another test.

We would like to stress the importance of women attending for smear tests when called to do so. This screening test can detect early changes and help avoid cervical cancer.

Smears are done by our practice nurses and take about 20 minutes in total.

To make an appointment please ring 01942  483213

Child Health Surveillance

New born babies will be invited for a check up with the Doctor six weeks after birth.

The Doctor will usually carry out a post natal check on the Mother at the same time.

COPD Reviews

Annual Review of all established COPD Patients and Spirometry (Lung Function Tests) Spirometry is performed by appointment with a Practice Nurse on the request of a GP.

Review appointments are with the Practice Nurse and you will be invited to attend.

If you have any concerns regarding your illness please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

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We have a counsellor who attends Surgery every Thursday afternoon.

Referrals are made through a Doctor and all patients need to complete an "opt in form" upon initial referral.

The counsellor will invite patients to attend, usually by letter, which will also include an assessment form which must be completed and return to Surgery before an appointment can be arranged. 


Follow- Up Clinic for New or Established Diabetic Patients

You will be invited for an annual review with our Practice Nurse and also you may be asked to attend for an interim review when necessary.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your diabetes please make an appointment with our Nurse either face to face or for a telephone consultation.

Family Planning

Full services including pill checks, depot-contraception, and coil fittings available

Patients wishing to commence on any form of contraception  will first need to see the Doctor.

The Practice Nurses can be seen for routine pill checks and follow up depo injections.

The Health Care Assistant can be seen for routine pill checks. 

Information is available for all forms of contraception including long actine reversible methods of contraception.

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