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We're booking flu jabs!

Are you Over 65? Under 65 & in an at risk category? or a Carer?

Call us and book into our flu clinic!

We will also be texting and writing to patients to book their vaccinations.


Patient guidance for attending flu clinic

• Attend on your own unless you need help in mobilising, please let reception know if this is the case when booking your appointment.

• Do not arrive early or late for your appointment time: we have allocated a strict number of patients per period to ensure that people are queueing for the minimum of time and social distancing is maintained.

• Please wear a face covering. If you are exempt from wearing a mask; please make reception aware when booking your appointment.

• We encourage you not to touch anything in the practice. You will be asked to sanitise your hands upon entry to the building and will have your temperature taken. If your temperature is high you will be asked to leave and rebook for a later date.

• If it is raining on the day, please come prepared with an umbrella as the queue may be outside for a short period of time.

• There will be no chairs available to sit on while waiting and you will not be able to sit whilst having the vaccination (for infection control). If you think you will struggle with this, please speak to a member of staff on arrival or when booking your appointment.

• Wear clothing which makes it easy to expose your upper arm.

• Please heed the instructions of the staff who are supervising the patient flow – they are there for your safety.

We will endeavour to see you as quickly as possible but your patience and understanding would be much appreciated.


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