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Green Impact for Health

Winstanley Medical Centre is committed to reducing its carbon footprint year on year and working alongside other NHS Partners to deliver plans for sustainable development. This also includes implementation of the NHS Long Term plan deliverables.

Winstanley Medical Centre wants to be a part of helping to improve the health of the

local community. This plan has agreement from Senior Management and its aims and objectives are outlined below :


To develop a strategy for all staff, patients and partners to work to in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the practice.


Reduce carbon, waste and water by

a. Improve Air quality: including by cutting business mileage

b. Reduce the use of single use plastics

c. Decrease printing of documents and encourage patients to have online access to medical records instead of making requests for copies of medical documents.

Developing a Green Plan will help us to:

1. Deliver on the Long-Term plan

2. Improve the health of the local community

3. Achieve its financial goals

4. Meet its legislative requirements

This green plan is be valid for 5 years and will be reviewed in October 2023 and again in April 2026. It will also be included as a standing agenda item at management meetings.

It is recognised that a small business making a few adjustments to its daily business can make an impact on the overall sustainability of the local area. Although our Green Plan is small we believe that if we encourage our team to make a difference then we can have an impact.


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